Toyota’s overbearing name is also called a unique design


Speaking of Toyota overbearing, many people are very familiar, because the local tyrants at the time liked the car very much, but in recent years, the name seems to be less, this is why, the original Toyota overbearing is changed. The name is gone, but only the Chinese transliteration has been changed. The original English name has not changed. So what is the name of Toyota Overbearing? It is the Prado that we have heard recently.


First, the design is unique


What is the name of Toyota Overbearing? Why changed to Prado? I believe many of my friends know it. If you don’t know, you can also look at the difference between Toyota Prado and Overbearing . Let’s take a look at the appearance of this model. The front face of the 2018 imported overbearing 2700 looks fierce. The newly designed straight waterfall front grille makes the new Prado look rougher than the previous model, and the new bumper makes the front face fuller. The unique multi-angle reflective headlights are perfectly matched with the natural and simple front grille. The wide rear window and round taillights make the new Overbearing 2700 even more glamorous. The overall body has a good layering, which fully reflects the wildness of this large SUV.


Second, the interior is comfortable and intimate


The improvements in the Toyota Overbearing 2700 interior layout are also subtle, very comfortable and intimate, mainly for some optimization of the interior materials and protection buy mercedes car covers. The new Toyota overbearing center console intentionally designs the style of the body. The ladder layout separates the multimedia and air-conditioning control areas in a harmonious manner, which is not only clear at a glance but also easy for the owner to master. The overbearing 2700 interior is more stylish, and the steering wheel and dashboard shape are redesigned to be more stylish and technological than the current model. Compared with the 18-barreled double-barreled instrument panel, the instrument panel of the new model has a smaller movement, but it looks more compact.


Third, pay more attention to security configuration



The Prado 2700 is the king of off-road and has an absolutely reliable off-road performance. Toyota Overbearing 2700 pays more attention to vehicle active safety design and configuration while exerting more power and performance of off-road dynamics. The system has a Tossen central differential that distributes torque between 40 and 60 between the front and rear axles. If slippage occurs, the torque can be distributed up to a maximum of 29:71. The Toyota Overbearing 2700 2.7 four-cylinder engine has a high fuel economy and is very sensational when shifting gears, which greatly satisfies the pleasure of driving.The above is some of the answers to the Toyota overbearing configuration. When the suv model first entered the country, it was not unreasonable to be liked by the local tyrants. It is indeed as domineering as the name. From appearance to configuration, it belongs to the top.Years ago, Japan’s Toyota Overbearing was mixed in the domestic market. Although the price is relatively high, but the configuration is also matched with the price, and there is no shortage of local tyrants in the country, so such a high-quality suv is also very marketable. of. Today, Prado is no matter how many years ago it was overbearing. So where is the difference between Prado and Overbearing?


First, some people think that it is not a model


The appearance of the car, the difference is not very big, the overbearing is more rough, Prado is more delicate and full of vitality. Comfort. Prado is more comfortable and has a stronger driving feel. Driving feeling. The overbearing driving operation feels very good and can kill Prado. Power. The overbearing car is in its name, full of power, but the fuel consumption is high. However, this price does not have to consider fuel consumption. Off-road. Both cars are similar and have excellent off-road performance. Bloody.


Second, in fact, this is a model


In fact, Toyota overbearing and Toyota Prado are the same model, but the name is not the same. In fact, Prado is the real name of this SUV, which is the PRADO we often hear. It’s just that many years ago Toyota didn’t have to overdo it, and it switched to Prado. I originally thought that many friends also know.


Third, many models have multiple names


Toyota is overbearing and Toyota Prado, there is no difference, they are the same, but later changed their name, previously called hegemony, and later changed to Prado. It was originally the same kind of car, but the name was different. Just like Lexus and Lexus, Corolla and Corolla.Look at the above article is not the answer to the difference between Prado and hegemony. In fact, a model does not have to be too entangled name, easy to use, although it has been changed from overbearing to Prado, but still deep High-end luxury suv that is loved by local tyrants.Nowadays, the suv market is very popular. This is the most popular model in the domestic market. Therefore, major manufacturers also attach great importance to this part, so the various types of suv models are very numerous, and Toyota  As a small suv of Toyota, Ze has attracted a lot of attention before the launch, so how about sales of Toyota Zeze, let’s take a look.


First, Toyota Yuze sales are generally


Regarding the sales of Toyota Takizawa, the car sold better in Japan, but after it came to China, it only sold 2,538 units. If it is in Japan, it is OK, but in the Chinese market, Such results may not even be as good as domestic cars. Then Guangzhou Automobile Toyota also announced the sales volume in the first month. In the first month, it sold 3,756 quantities, which is better than FAW’s Takizawa, but this still Not a good grade…


Second, Toyota ordinary highlighting


If the domestic market is not selling well, it is nothing more than the fact that the value of the car cannot attract the car buyers. After all, the design of the car in the face value determines the level of sales, although the front face of Zhai Ze still has a design existence, but this The design is quite unique to the domestic people. It is also a type that young people like, because this car is different from other cars. When driving this car on the street, the attention is still not It will be low, and this is also the positioning of this Takizawa, but the halogen tube is used in the headlights, which is relatively common now, and does not surprise the car buyers.

Third, Toyota’s price has affected sales

In terms of power, this car uses a 2.0T engine. The engine parameters are also excellent in the same level. It is also very good in terms of smoothness. The fuel economy is also a superior level. The fuel consumption of 5.7 is 100 kilometers. . In fact, no matter how good the power of Zhangze, the personality of the appearance, as long as it involves the issue of high prices, everything is white talk, the price of 149,800 to 175,800 is also for many people to choose to give up. C-HR is only 5,000 cheaper than Takizawa, and the result is more than a thousand more than it. I think the results explain everything. The above gives you an introduction of the sales situation of Toyota Tsuruhawa. It can be found that the sales volume of the Toyota Zeze is quite general. Although it is a good quality model, because Toyota’s appearance is not bright, The price competitiveness is also insufficient, which naturally leads to the decline in the competitiveness of Toyota Minze, and the sales volume is not high. In recent years, the momentum of SUVs is fierce. Almost every manufacturer has launched some SUVs. What are the Toyota SUVs? Although we see a lot of Toyota cars in the market, but actually seeing Toyota suv is not much, mainly Toyota SUV positioned higher, and some imported cars only, but several sales in the domestic or Very impressive and everyone is familiar.


I. Highlander


When it comes to Toyota’s suv, the first thing that comes to mind is Highlander. Since its launch, sales have been very good, and the style has not fallen behind. The most important thing is to have enough space to make a lot of praise. After all, the length It reaches 4855mm and the wheelbase is close to 2800mm. However, due to the explosion, some dealers have unreasonably increased the price, which is also incapable of spitting.


Second, Prado (overbearing)


Prado is a branch of Rand Cool Road in 1990, and was introduced to the country. It was originally named after hegemony and later changed to Prado. Just like its name, it gives a very overbearing feeling from the appearance, but it has a good experience in comfort, the operating lever is very good, and in terms of power, it is very overbearing, full of power, but high fuel consumption. After all, it is a four-wheel drive, but I am afraid that this price will no longer consider what fuel consumption.


Third, RAV4


As the “originator of the urban SUV”, RAV4 has been a leader in sales since its launch, but it is fierce, but it can balance the comfort of the road and the urban sports. It has become a “four-wheel drive leisure sports car” and has continued Toyota. The spacious space gives a very good driving experience, and the most important thing is that its pricing is not high.



The characteristics of Zhangze IZOA are very clear, the appearance is very cool, the interior has fun, and the driving has surprises. It can be said that it is more meticulous in all aspects, so that the visible and invisible are all high quality and also respond. FAW Toyota’s brand new slogan “To the very best”, it represents a life attitude that is not limited by life, dare to think, dare to do, dare to fight, and dare to be free, so it is a special for young people. SUV.


V. Land Cruiser


Rand Cool Road Ze has a domineering name in China: Land Cruiser. You can feel its off-road performance under this name. In addition, it has the characteristics of large space, comfortable and durable. As for the decades of its birth, it has a good reputation in the industry. Many people want to know the relationship between it and Prado. In contrast, you can find that Prado is just a reduced version of Rand Cool Road, and of course the design is not the same. FJ Cool Road Ze is the deformation car of the 8th generation Land Cruiser in 2007. It was awarded the “coolest design model” and “Golden Car Award Editor’s Choice Award” just after its launch, and immediately won the “10th” in 2008. The awards such as the best SUV four-wheel drive “the most popular off-road vehicle” show how popular it is. Although there is a genuine Rand Cool Road Ze, there is a reduced version of the overbearing, but in the middle of it, it still blooms its own light. From the appearance, you can feel the powerful gas field of Toyota Sequoia, the length of 5.2 meters, the wheelbase of 3 meters, and the powerful front shape make it full of muscle. Sequoia is responsible for assisting the North American market. The whole car is equipped with a 5.7L V8 naturally aspirated engine, with a maximum horsepower of 386 horsepower and a maximum torque of 544 Nm. All aspects are very strong, but you can only appreciate it. Hard to see.

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